this is so calming

I’m so excited. I’m excited for the bike rides and for the walks and for the chilly weather and the jackets and hoodies and warm tea and array of colors in the tree leaves and the cuddling and long pants and layers and haLLOWEEN DID I MENTION HALLOWEEN

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Never good for anyone at any time except for when it’s most convenient for them. Like woah sorry didn’t mean to love you, wouldn’t want to waist your time. But don’t worry about wasting my time cause im a huge fucking push over and I don’t understand what’s going on..


Drawings from Beginners (2010) dir. Mike Mills

vandrar asked:
wow ur so secxi

only fur you bb

from this point on I pledge allegiance to the loser life getting loser pissed with my loser cat in my room alone until I feel better about myself
I will not talk to anyone. I will be one with my bed. 
I will not think about girls.
I will find away to be happy without anyone
i think



// M E //

forever in search of vodka